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The Customer Centricity Hub (CC-Hub)

In your CC Hub, you get a 360-degree overview of the customer centricity of your company. Your dashboard shows the degree of customer centricity in the company (CC score) and the perceived customer centricity among customers (CI score). The CC score forms the one of two measurements that is displayed in the CC hub. The experienced customer centricity at the customer is measured and shown with the Customer Impact Score (CI-Score). The two scores correlate with each other and show the impact correlation. This allows specific areas of action to be defined in order to improve.

The importance of customer centricity

In the experience economy, the customer experience is the primary product. Digitization spurs the merging of all touchpoints into a single experience and also increases the transparency of offerings. This makes customer centricity a unique selling point of excellent companies.

Holistic customer centricity

Companies that are successful in the experience economy have an integrated customer-centric strategy and a corresponding organizational structure that is aligned with the customer experience. Every customer touchpoint counts.

Employees as a crucial factor

Every single employee in the company influences the customer experience. Only deeply rooted customer-centric leadership enables customer-centric collaboration and execution.

Permanent recording of customer needs

Outstanding customer experiences require grasping customer needs. This enables solutions to be developed for customers that generate sustainable customer value and thus loyal customers.

Customer centricity as a unique selling proposition

In addition to uniqueness and quality, the relevance of the customer experience also determines commercial success. A customer experience that is tailored to customer needs leads to customer value.