blog post Media release: Customer Metrics launches Custopia

Media release: Customer Metrics launches Custopia

Together with project partners, Customer Metrics AG has developed and launched Custopia, the platform for customer centricity. Custopia enables a comprehensive assessment of the customer centricity of companies and presents this on the dashboard Customer Centricity Hub (CC-Hub).

12. Mai 2023·2min

The goal of successful companies is to offer their customers outstanding experiences and to align all actions with their needs. Unfortunately, however, many companies lack a holistic view of customer satisfaction. "Often, only isolated measures are taken to improve the customer experience," says Luc Holzach, co-founder of Customer Metrics.

That's why Customer Metrics' development team has been researching a new and holistic method for measuring customer centricity. The method uses the Customer Centricity Score, or CC score, which measures the company's customer centricity from the employees' perspective. "Employees are the best judges of how customer-centric a company's organization is positioned and where it is lacking," points out co-founder Prof. Dr. Dominik Georgi. This was followed by the development of the Customer Impact Score (CI Score), which represents the external counterpart and maps the perceived customer centricity from the customer's point of view. The CI score was tested in 2022 as part of a pilot project with Swiss companies.

Industry study Switzerland 2022

The measurement of customer centricity from the customer perspective could be carried out across all industries in the market study Switzerland 2022. Customer Metrics AG applied the scoring model of the CI score in 19 well-known companies and, together with the market research institute LINK, evaluated differences in the effectively perceived customer centricity within the seven industries studied. "The CI Score not only enables benchmarking, but also identifies areas for action," emphasizes Prof. Jan-Erik Baars, who is involved in the development of the measurement method. Through the analysis, the score shows concrete starting points for customer-centric further development, he adds.

Successful launch

Custopia has recently been launched on the market and uses the CC-Hub dashboard to display customer centricity within the company (CC-Score) and the customer centricity experienced by the clientele (CC-Score). The platform enables companies to grasp the interdependency of the two perspectives and to derive concrete instructions for improving customer centricity. Custopia thus has great potential for companies that want to improve their customer experience in the long term.
customer experience sustainably and in the long term.

Customer Metrics AG was founded as a spin-off of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, where the Customer Centricity Score was developed together with project partners. Together with the marketing agency Partner & Partner AG from Winterthur, the two professors Jan-Erik Baars and Dominik Georgi are founders and partners of Customer Metrics AG and lead the further development of the scoring models for the holistic measurement of customer centricity.

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