blog post Custopia: increase your company’s customer centricity
Customer centricity

Custopia: increase your company’s customer centricity

Would you like to increase your company’s customer centricity? Or are you already developing this aspect and would like to accelerate the process? We can show you where there’s room for improvement and support you on the journey whose purpose is to ensure that yours is truly a customer-centered organization.

11. Mai 2023·6min

Everyone knows that customers are vital for any business, and even if you already have a customer base you should pay attention to customer centricity – because your customers will always be wanting more from you.

Critical customers who expect short reaction times and transparent communication in every channel have been a common feature for quite a while now. In order to distinguish themselves from the competition, companies must satisfy the requirements of a sophisticated and digitalized clientele. After all, creating value for customers is the raison d’être of any company.

Customer centricity is the key to success

Global value creation is increasingly evolving into a so-called experience economy (Pine/Gilmore, 1998; Schmitt, 2004). At the same time, digitalization is leading to greater transparency in relation to offers in the market. In order to be successful, companies must create relevant and high-quality customer experiences which will allow them to differentiate themselves from their rivals and justify higher prices.

Did you know that many sectors have already made customer centricity a key part of their corporate strategy and that many of their competitors have already initiated corresponding programs to improve this aspect. We offer two tools with which you can measure how customer-centered your company is and then use benchmarking in your sector to discover where you stand.

Step by step towards greater customer orientation

The path that leads to greater customer centricity is a gradual process. With Custopia we have developed a tool that comprehensively measures and evaluates how customer-centric a given organization is. This tool that is offered by Customer Metrics is holistic because it measures customer centricity from the internal perspective of one’s employees (in the form of the Customer Centricity Score) as well as the external perspective of one’s customers (in the form of the Customer Impact Score). The scores are displayed in the Customer Centricity Hub.

As a prerequisite for moving from reflection to action, the results will identify the reasons for any gaps on the way to achieving a customer-centered organization; this can then be used as the basis for deriving specific activities.

Customer Centricity Hub (CC-Hub)

The CC-Hub comprises two methods: the CC-Score and the CI-Score. The former measures a company’s potential in the eyes of its employees, whereas the CI-Score measures how its customers perceive its level of customer centricity. It also assesses the effectiveness of any customer-centered initiatives.

Take the first step: measure your company’s customer centricity

A successful company needs customer-centered employees who develop relevant and attractive offers for their customers. Use the comprehensive CC-Hub to see where your company stands with regard to customer centricity and thereby make it more successful.


Please address any enquiries to the Custopia Team. We’d be delighted to conduct an initial survey or create an offer for a project that’s specific to your company.