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What is?

What is CX?

‘CX’ is familiar within the world of marketing as an abbreviation for ‘customer experience’. However, CX could just as well stand for ‘connex’ or something like ‘connection’ or ‘connector’, and maybe this isn’t so far-fetched if one knows what CX actually means. A good customer experience can also connect a company to its customers, for example by offering personalized customer experiences.

12. Juni 2023·5min

Customer experience: from strategy to design

If one looks at customer experience, one encounters a variety of terms such as CX Management, CX Strategy, and CX Design. CX Management aims to satisfy or even exceed customers’ requirements, and is particularly linked to the CX Strategy whose goal is to create a customer-centric company which includes all of its employees. The purpose of CX Design is to enable a positive customer experience via the appropriate design of products, services, or digital platforms. It is therefore important that customer experience should not only be seen as a series of separate actions, but a cohesive concept that takes account of the company’s various areas.

This means that customer experience equates to far more than just good customer service. CX impacts customers’ satisfaction with every touchpoint they have with the respective brand. This can be perceived as positive or negative, and it determines whether customer loyalty will be strengthened or weakened. If you can impress people with a good customer experience, you’ll clearly be gaining a competitive advantage.

Emotional customer loyalty: how to ensure a loyal customer base

It’s often difficult to accurately measure customer experience. One frequently uses indicators such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS) or repeat purchases (which say something about customer loyalty and are thus a consequence of a positive CX), because ultimately CX is quite simply linked to people’s emotions: if your products or services benefit your customers or make them happy, they’ll be much likelier to buy from your company again – or recommend it.